Features of : About the cashew nut process equipment we provide you the Cashew cleaning machine grinding machine cooking machine shelling machine cashew kernel separate machine peeling machine roasting machine Of course we can provide you the suitable machine solution according your demands The cashew process equipment line working flow: Currently in its third phase ComCashew focuses on building a sustainable cashew value chain and increasing the competitiveness of African cashew production and processing by constituting a new era of multi-stakeholder partnership in development cooperation

A Value Chain Analysis of the Cashew

The only medium processing company is Mim Cashew Products which has an installed capacity of 1 000 t per year and as the name implies is located in Mim The remainder are small enterprises with an installed capacity ranging from 10 to 250 t per year These companies process kernels for export and for secondary processing around Accra

ComCashew Trained 180 Master Trainers The master trainers train cashew farmers provide assistance to processors and advise institutions in their home countries The Master Training Program is currently in its fourth phase and since the beginning in 2014 the training program has produced about 180 cashew experts from over 15 African countries

Rolling out traceability and targeted investment in farmer groups and at processor level IDH supports several projects with the leading cashew processors in West Africa (Ivory Coast Ghana Benin) The aim is to increase the livelihood of farmers in Africa and assure decent working conditions in the processing factories in Africa Asia The projects combine the []

Aug 29 2018Cashew Processing Industry Trends and Analysis There is a high level of global demand for cashews Demand is so high in fact that pricing has recently hit unprecedented highs as shortages within the industry are discovered India is one of the largest consumers of cashews but meets up to 70% of its processing needs by using imports

processing for increased values and margins Trusting the joint learning since 2009 ComCashew can gratefully build on a continuous commitment of BMZ with 8 million EURO for Phase 3 from 5/2016 to 12/2018 Beginning of the year ACi staff and partners had a retreat at Anomabo Ghana to review ACi Phase 2 and to plan activities for phase 3

A Fund for Cashew The ComCashew Matching Fund

Source: ComCashew/GIZ Cashew processing factory Who can apply? How to apply? Submit application Submit full proposal Contracting phase Project implementation A Fund for Cashew The ComCashew Matching Fund The ComCashew Matching Fund is a unique private-public partnership model and the only fund for cashew

The second stage of processing is Roasting Here we heat the cashews with high pressure/temperature steam The roasting time depends upon the characteristic of raw cashew nuts Stage 3 CUTTING Raw cashew nut has a unique kidney shape Moreover the outer shell of raw cashew nut is very hard to crack The shell contains a liquid called CNSL

Oct 03 2019Thus by the virtue of ComCashew's interventions based on four main objectives – Production Processing Supply Chain Linkages and Sector Organisation "donors and private companies work hand in hand to achieve poverty reduction in project countries"- Benin Burkina Faso Cote d'Ivoire Ghana Mozambique and Sierra Leone

Hence ComCashew advises processors in writing business plans and preparing their financial and legal documents to enhance their chances of receiving loans from financial institutions There is a huge potential for cashew by-products processing especially for cashew apples which can be processed into a variety of products including juice wine as well as savory dishes and

May 14 2016Though the country has processing capacity to match production only seven per cent of its production is processed locally Ms Ann-Christin Berger the Communications Manager of ComCashew Ghana said if Ghana processed 65 000 metric tonnes a year out of its 70 000 metric tonnes production it could create 13 000 jobs directly and about

While there have been some attempts at organizing local processing in Africa notably in Mozambique Africa represents less than 6% of global cashew kernel production Installed processing capacity 2017/2018 Tons % of total (V ietnam Cambodia Laos Indonesia 1 600 000 47% India 1 480 000 43% East Africa 200 000 6% West Africa Brazil

Thus by the virtue of ComCashew's interventions based on four main objectives - Production Processing Supply Chain Linkages and Sector Organisation "donors and private companies work hand in hand to achieve poverty reduction in project countries"- Benin Burkina Faso Cote d'Ivoire Ghana Mozambique and Sierra Leone

About Cashew Processing - Overview The cashew 'nut' is outside of the fruit and this makes it different from other tree nuts The cashew apple is an edible artificial fruit joined to the externally born nut by a stem The main marketable product of the cashew tree is the nut

Africa now provides over 50% global cashew production

Aug 31 2018Mr Kingsley Mensah the ACA's Finance and Administration Manager said the ACA collaborated with technical partners like ComCashew not only to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the African cashew industry but also to increase production and processing of cashews on the continent

Apr 26 2016PROCESSING OF CASHEW APPLE CASHEW WINE Selection Mature sound cashew apples Slicing To increase extraction of juice Crushing Sterilization At 85 Filtering 27 Inoculation With S cerevisiae Fermentation Two weeks Filtering Pasteurization 50-60 C Ageing In wooden vats for 6 Months 28

Producing and processing cashews is a promising business in Africa Through a combination of interventions the Competitive Cashew initiative (ComCashew) together with private and public partners focusses on organising and building a sustainable African cashew sector to reduce poverty More than 414 000 farmers have been trained on Good Agricultural Practices which

Cashew Processing Stage 1 DRYING Raw cashew nuts are properly dried in order to remove excess moisture These raw nuts are usually kept in open yard and are dried in sun for 2/3 days The nuts are rolled over on regular basis in order to ensure both sides drying After this procedure is over the dried cashew nut are collected and thereafter

COMPETITIVE CASHEW INITIATIVE (ComCashew)/African Cashew Initiative (ACi) The African Cashew Initiative (ACi) was created in 2009 to improve the production processing and bringing to market of cashew nuts from five African countries: Benin Burkina Faso Cte d'Ivoire Ghana and Mozambique

Installed processing capacities in ComCashew project countries have increased to about 344 550 MT as of October 2018 Increasing access to technological innovations in cashew processing machineries resulted in greater efficiencies the adherence to international quality and food safety standards as well as higher profits for ComCashew assisted