Oct 27 2011A system and method for reducing the occurrence of false alarms in metal detection systems and combination EAS/metal detection systems The system includes a motion sensor mounted on or near an antenna housing such as an EAS pedestal at the entrance/exit of a given interrogation zone Jan 01 2014An efficient detection will therefore avoid false rejects by reducing the product effect but without decreasing the detection capabilities: a rudimentary solution consists of moving the sensitivity threshold just higher than the product signal reducing in the same ratio the detection sensitivity

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Nov 14 2017A new technology dramatically reduces product effect and minimizes false rejects thus reducing the risk that clean product will be rejected and wasted and preventing contaminated products from reaching the market Metal detection technology A metal detector is a simple yet effective and reliable device

compensation All metal detectors must ignore this product effect to avoid a false rejection A common approach to reducing product effect and thereby improving detection performance is to utilize low-frequency low-energy excitation The Sentinel multiscan metal detector makes this easy because frequencies can be selected from 50

Apr 09 2013Metal detection is a fact of life in the food processing industry Most processors whether they process snacks meats grains or liquids have either metal detectors or X-ray machines to detect and control metal contamination X-ray machines are often the preferred choice because many food processors use metallized films as their primary packaging eliminating a metal detector

Reduce product effect and costly waste caused by false rejects with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 High Performance Metal Detector With superior sensitivity new shielding techniques and a unique multi-coil design for magnetic flux consistency you can feel confident the APEX 500 metal detector is meeting the food industry's toughest requirements

Efforts to improve detection of contaminants have often involved increasing metal detector sensitivity resulting in increased false rejects of good product This can be extremely costly for manufacturers and companies have sometimes attempted to reduce this loss by reducing detector sensitivity — passing more products but also enabling some

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Apr 24 2020The innovative THiNK technology helps to avoid false rejects ensure product quality and detection of foreign objects even in metallised packaging Conventional metal detectors have limits especially for food products that have a strong 'product effect' a certain intrinsic conductivity Metallised packaging can also pose a problem

Oct 05 2017Correction is a reaction to a problem or undesired situation to provide an immediate remedy to save a situation We need to put the fire out immediately to prevent immediate damages The correction related action gives no guarantee on fixing the cause of the problem and hence recurrence of the problem is very likely

Mar 28 2013CEIA MS-21 Multi-Spectrum metal detectors from Heat and Control eliminate the waste and delay of false rejects caused by product effect yet maintain the highest level of sensitivity to all metal contaminants Using the world's only multi-spectrum technology the CEIA MS-21 outperforms multi-frequency metal detectors for inspection of high product effect

Rejected by the detector Training of the Neural Network Algorithm An Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector does not have to recognize different people It needs to effectively recognize the sound signature from a gas leak while at the same time rejecting sound signatures from acoustic background noise not related to gas leaks

We can supply these products as metal detectable x-ray visible or both (dual detectable) If one of these products or fragments of one of these products contaminates a production line where detection systems are in place the contaminant can be automatically detected and rejected from the production line

Temperature Screening Thermal Products 384*288 thermal resolution 10 / 15 mm thermal lens Recommended camera-target Metal Detector Door with Thermal Turret Camera AI Detection AI DS-2TD2636B-15/P DS-2TD2617B/PA The turret/bullet camera features AI detection to reduce false alarms caused by other heat sources 2Turret/Bullet Camera

The characteristic features and principal causes of porosity imperfections are described Best practice guidelines are given so welders can minimise porosity risk during fabrication Identification Porosity is the presence of cavities in the weld metal caused by the freezing in of gas released from the weld pool as it solidifies

Product liability means that a manufacturer is liable for any injuries or damages caused by a faulty product because of poor workmanship or design T Research and development (RD) refers to organized efforts that are directed toward increasing scientific knowledge and product (or process) innovation

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Apr 16 2004A topic that creates countless hours of training and numerous service calls is product rejection False rejects false positives constant rejecting and kickouts are all terms used in describing metal detectors reacting to a change There are two types of reactions: the first causes product to be ejected from the production line

Aug 23 2017Traditionally the solution to this problem has been to set the sensitivity of the metal detector lower to eliminate false rejects thereby limiting its ability to detect all contaminants By suppressing those false signals the Profile Advantage inspects products at full sensitivity ensuring more effective inspection and maximising product safety

Aug 03 2013Many false rejects of a metal detector seem to have no obvious cause and can be very difficult to locate One of the most common causes is a ground loop When two pieces of metal make intermittent contact in the area of the metal detector it can cause a false reject

Detection devices must be relevant to the contaminants that may be present the product and the process Typical detection instruments that are most frequently seen are screens metal detectors and X-ray units These are very useful tools but should not be the only defense against potential contaminants They can provide additional data points

Such defects can be caused by air entrained in the melt steam or smoke from the casting sand or other gasses from the melt or mould (Vacuum holes caused by metal shrinkage (see above) may also be loosely referred to as 'blowholes') Proper foundry practices including melt preparation and mould design can reduce the occurrence of these defects

Aug 03 2013Many false rejects of a metal detector seem to have no obvious cause and can be very difficult to locate One of the most common causes is a ground loop When two pieces of metal make intermittent contact in the area of the metal detector it can cause a false reject