Since 1933 Elk Mound Seed Company has had the right seeds and agronomy support for farmers EMS Featured Products New Products Quick View Frosty Forage Food Plot Mix MonsterBuck Starting at $11 99 Quick View Winfred Forage Brassica MonsterBuck Starting at A 30 row spacing with a seed population of approximately 25-30 0000 seeds per acre and a plant spacing of between 7-8 will yield good sized sunflower heads with plenty of seeds As with most crops sunflower seed population and spacing will greatly influence the size of the seed heads produced

Heirloom Sunflower Seeds

Heirloom Organic Sunflower Seeds Our extensive collection of heirloom sunflower seeds comprises plants of diverse heights and colors as well as miniature and double-blooming varieties Browse and buy the seeds you need to grow these edible ornamental and inspirational option and more Peredovik Sunflowers 30 00 Quick View sold out Purpletop Turnips from 30 00 Quick View Radish from 28 50 Quick View sold out Rendition Tall Fescue from 24 00 2018 The Douglass King Company

Roundstone Native Seed has been growing and supplying clean high quality regionally adapted Native Seed to the Eastern half of the US for over 20 years We have grown from a small family-owned business to one of the largest seed providers in the East Our success can be attributed to the quality of our seed our development of locally adapted


Characteristics Type: Oil Maturity Group: Medium Breeding Group: Single cross Days till R9: 115 125 Height of Plants (in ): 73 Recommended Density Plants/A: 20 000 23 000 Seed Color/Stripes: Gray Herbicide Tolerance Trait: Clearfield Value added Traits: Nusun DMR Tolerance to Puccinia helianthi Schwein points: 8 Resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

Sunflower seeds are the most popular seed for feed Peredovic Sunflowers grow 4-5 ft tall and provide a nutritious high energy food source for birds All types of sunflower seeds originate from the common sunflower Helianthus annuus though there are many specialized and hybrid flower varieties that create different bloom sizes stalk

Uses: Black sunflower can grow from 2 to 4 feet high forming small heads full of black seed high in oil content The seed makes excellent feed for all game birds especially doves The plants are highly preferred by deer when they are young and still growing It takes about 110 days for seed to mature from germination

Plants were allowed to cross-pollinate seed was hand-harvested and that seed was then used to start the final cycle the following spring in a greenhouse The four cycles were completed in 2002 and the seed from 2002 was used to establish greenhouse germination tests and a replicated field test and to begin seed increase

Sunflower seeds are one of Harris Seeds' top selling flowers Choose from a selection of tall cutting sunflower seed varieties dwarf sunflowers and pollen-free sunflower seeds in an array of shades - traditional yellow and orange sunflowers to red and maroon colors for fall Grow sunflowers from seeds for your farmers' market or roadside stand

Aug 05 2020Spray and bush hog if drilling Spray bush hog and disc if broadcasting Good seed-to-soil contact is key Don't plant too thick as too many plants will grow and competition will result in a lesser plot Sunflowers seeds run approximately $25 per 10 pounds of seed If broadcasting plant about 25 pounds per acre

May 16 2019About Mycogen Seeds Mycogen Seeds offers leading genetics in corn soybeans silage corn sunflowers and canola A retail seed company of Corteva Agriscience ™ Agriculture Division of DowDuPont Mycogen maintains a robust global research and development program Mycogen delivers diverse seed solutions with high-performance genetics and the

Deer Creek Seed Co is dedicated to offering only the best wildlife seeds for all your hunting needs With a broad selection of mixtures and straight seed products you'll be able to find all your food plot seed Deer Creek Seed offers a wildlife food plot soil test kit and we've used this test kit on one of our own plots If you're

Sunflower Farming🤑🤑 A Simple Guide To Growing Sunflower

Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds The following is the list of top health benefits if eating sunflowers seeds daily Sunflower seeds contain 80 % of Vitamin E which helps in lowering the risk of various heart diseases Sunflower seeds have high antioxidant content in them which is helpful in preventing many kinds of cancer

Hancock's Dove Field Mix offers great variety with high seed volume and an impressive appearance that all hunters will envy The Dove Field Mix matures in approximately 75 - 110 days Mixture: Hancock's Dove Field Seed Mix contains: 25% Browntop Millet 25% Peredovik Sunflowers 25% WGF Sorghum 25% Dove Proso Millet

The Black Peredovik Sunflower has its origin in Russia It produces black oil seeds that are a favorite of turkeys quail deer ducks and wild birds It is a good variety to sow by the acre for migratory birds to feed upon as it contains nutritious oil and calories When compared to striped sunflower seeds black oil sunflower seeds

Also known as Annual Sunflower this hardy annual produces numerous yellow flowers It is an upright plant usually 5 to 6 feet in height Adapted to a wide range of soil conditions throughout the Southern U S Native Sunflowers usually require

Sunflower Seed Versatile sunflower with sunny shaggy blooms for field or container Versatile sunflower for field or container 65 - 75 Days Select Quantity Subtract From Quantity Add to Quantity Add to Cart Add to Wishlist View Details Double Quick Orange (F1) Sunflower Seed A single stem fully-double sunflower still a favorite in our

At Ernst Conservation Seeds we grow process and sell hundreds of species of native and naturalized seeds and live plant materials for ecological restoration sustainable landscaping reclamation wetlands and natural resources conservation

Halifax Seed Company Inc Canada's oldest continuously operating family owned seed company was established in 1866 Throughout its considerable history Halifax Seed has evolved to be a market leader in the horticultural and agriculture industry in Atlantic Canada for both wholesale customers as well as Home Gardeners We are constantly evaluating new