sorghum-based products such as marama-sorghum porridges increasing their protein and fat content and improving energy value 6 Table 2 1 Comparison of the proximate composition (%) of marama soya beans and sorghum grain Nutrient (%) Marama bean Soya bean Sorghum (Amarteifio and (Stauffer 2005) (Klopfenstein and Moholo 1998) Hoseney 1995 Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L ) Moench 2n =2x = 20) is a multipurpose crop of great importance in the semi-arid tropics Sorghum variants are grouped into five agronomic types depending on the end-use namely: fiber broomcorn forage/fodder grain and sweet sorghum Sweet sorghum is

Development And Evaluation Of Complementary Foods

Development And Evaluation Of Complementary Foods Based On Soyabean Sorghum And Sweet Potatoes Flours Blends OBIAKOR-OKEKE PHILOMENA N1 AMADI JOY A C 1 AND CHIKWENDU JUSTINA N 2 1Faculty of Health Sciences Department of Nutrition and Dietetics Imo State University Owerri Imo State Nigeria

Total sorghum productions from all sorghum producing countries were 55 6 million tonnes in 2010 (FAOSTAT 2006) Globally sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench) is the fifth most important staple food crop after wheat rice maize and barley (FAO 2012) Sorghum is consumed by more than 70% of the population in the sub-saharan Africa (IITA 2004)

Sensory evaluation showed that biscuits supplemented with the sorghum–insect meal at 20% (15% sorghum and 5% insect substitution level) were acceptable to the panelists Although this study was carried out in a community where insects are widely consumed the results may not be the case among non-insectivorous populations

Jun 17 2020The role of sorghum flour starches (amylose/amylopectin) in composite bread quality Thesis Report University of Khartoum Sudan Technology St Paul Minn : American Association of Cereal Chemist 2000 447–78 Kanu JK Sandy EH Kandeh BAJ Production and evaluation of breakfast cereal-based porridge mixed with sesame and pigeon peas for

Total sorghum productions from all sorghum producing countries were 55 6 million tonnes in 2010 (FAOSTAT 2006) Globally sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench) is the fifth most important staple food crop after wheat rice maize and barley (FAO 2012) Sorghum is consumed by more than 70% of the population in the sub-saharan Africa (IITA 2004)

Nutritional Evaluation of Some Grains (Millet Guinea

Abstract: Four types of grains (millet sorghum guinea corn and wheat) obtained from Bwari Area Council FCT Abuja were analyzed for their nutritional quality They were chemically analyzed using the methods by Association of Analytical Chemist (AOAC) using flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Thermo Scientific iCE AAS 3000 series)

Present study investigated the effect of germination time on quality nutritional and functional attributes of sorghum grains for the development of value added food products Germination reduced the protein content by 24 70-44 00% with increase in germination time while effect

Sorghum Profitability Seminar Presentations 2017 Nebraska Sorghum Symposium Video Presentations (on YouTube) Getting to Know Sorghum — Brent Bean agronomist with the United Sorghum Check-off Program Managing Key Inputs in Sorghum Production — Rick Kochenower national agronomist with Chromatin Inc

Jan 03 2020The purpose of this study was to evaluate the quality and shelf life of fresh-cut papaya cubes treated with alginate based edible coatings containing thyme and oregano essential oils in various concentrations (0 5 ml 1 0 ml and 2 0 ml) as the lipid component of the coating while the alginate concentration (2% w/v) was kept constant

PDCAAS values reported for sorghum and sorghum-based food products include 0 24–0 58 for Algerian sorghum cultivars 0 09–0 34 for raw sorghum flour and sorghum-based foods 0 19–0 37 for raw sorghum flour 0 20–0 36 for fermented sorghum flour and 0 12–0 28 for sorghum kisra (a naturally lactic acid bacteria- and yeast-fermented

The sensory evaluation revealed that SSSC and SSDSp were more acceptable than the other ratio blends It can be concluded that the nutritional quality of the cookies were improved with the addition of cowpea Sample with sorghum: cowpea (60:40) is a better option for cookies as it is more superior in

Uncertain storage conditions lead to considerable quality loss in lime fruits which affect their consumer acceptability Studies aimed at quantifying the kinetics of quality changes under different storage conditions are valuable for minimizing the product quality loss and improving their marketability The objective of this study was to quantify the effect of pectin-based

sorghum wax This study was conducted to assess the functionality of labora- tory-extracted sorghum material generally known as wax as a coating for gelatin-based candies in comparison with a carnauba wax coating MATERIALS AND METHODS Reagents Edible gelatin (250 blood8 mesh) was obtained from Leiner Davis Gelatin (Great Neck NY)

[PDF] Physical and Mechanical Properties of Edible Film

Porang (Amorphophallus onchophyllus) is a shrub and its tuber contains glucomannan that functions as dietray fiber Glucomannan is a polysaccharides comprised of galactose glucose and mannose Glucomannan and carboxymethylcellulose can be used as the raw materials of edible film however the resulting edible film has low elasticity and the quality is affected by

Increase in bread consumption health awareness and demand for nutritious foods has necessitated research on composite bread to meet these needs Sorghum (Sorghum bicolar L ) is nutritious this study used a new sorghum genotype EUS130 in development of sorghum composite bread in the proportions wheat: sorghum

Abstract— Glucose syrup is a concentrated aqueous solution of various sugars like glucose maltose and other nutritive saccharides obtained from the hydrolysis of edible starch Cassava is the preferch source since it is a high source of carbohydrate while being organic and free of pesticides The purpose of this paper is to review the information available on the enzymatic

Jan 11 2020The quality of its protein showed the sorghum bug to be a good and suitable source of edible protein Analysis of dried adults showed high levels of crude protein and fat The bug protein contained 16 known amino acids including all the essential amino acids

The adult edible beetle Holotrichia parallela Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea) represents a traditional food source in China Based on nutritional analyses adult H parallela is high in protein (70%) and minerals and low in fat H parallela contained approximately 10% chitin the corrected protein content was 66% Oleic acid and linoleic acid were the most abundant fatty

Jul 28 2017Introduction Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L ) Moench] popularly called as jowar is the "king of millets" and is the fifth in importance among the world's cereals after wheat rice maize and barley 1 Sorghum provides a good basis for gluten-free products and recommended as safe for celiac patients Therefore the future promise of sorghum in the developed world is