Effect of temperature on drying characteristics Effect of superficial velocity on drying characteristics are also explained in Fig 9 For the comparison three different superficial velocities of air such as 1 1 1 6 and 2 1 m/s are considered Aug 11 2017The results of the chemical analysis showed that sun-drying and cabinet drying have a significant effect on the chemical properties of the oil The acid saponification and peroxide values decreases from raw to cabinet oven dried samples' from 1 80-1 08mgKOH/g 174 87-105mgKOH/g and 11 24-2 30 Meq/kg respectively

Effect of the Change of Firing Temperature on

Effect of firing temperature on the colour and shrinkage of the clay Tab II The properties of clay from Beruas Malaysia 3 2 Thermal analysis (TG/DTA) on raw clays From Fig 4 the first stage of firing clay is a completion of drying pore water From the TG curve it can be seen that the initial weight of the sample was reduced by 0 62% when

Apr 09 2015The effect of storage on the chemical microbiological and sensory properties of cassava starch-based custard powder (CbCP) blends as mixture of yellow-fleshed cassava root starch (YfCRS) (90–98%) and whole egg powder (WEP) (2–10%) was investigated

So with high thawing temperature mesophiles may be growing on the surface of a product while the interior is still frozen Slow thawing at lower temperature is generally preferred It does have some lethal effect as microbial cells experience adverse conditions in the 0 to — 10 C range for longer but it will also allow psychrotrophs to grow

Apr 01 2014The temperature of the solvent component is elevated above the air temperature by the microwave heat input but at a low level such that convective and evaporative cooling effects keep the equilibrium temperature below saturation Such a drying regime is of particular interest for drying temperature-sensitive materials

during drying the mechanisms of moisture transfer may also change with elapsed time of drying 2 1 Thermodynamic Properties of Air-Water Mixtures and Moist Solids 2 1 1 Psychrometry As noted earlier a majority of dryers are of direct (or convective) type In other words hot air is used both to supply the heat for evaporation and to carry away the

Effect of Drying Temperature on the Physical

Title:Effect of Drying Temperature on the Physical-chemical and Sensorial Properties of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L ) VOLUME: 14 ISSUE: 1 Author(s):Raquel P F Guine* Paula M R Correia Ana C Correia Fernando Goncalves Mariana F S Brito and Jessica R P Ribeiro Affiliation:CIDETS Research Centre Polytechnic Institute of Viseu Campus Politecnico

Effects of controlled-temperature fermentation on several physico-chemical properties lactic acid bacteria (LAB) counts and aroma of durian pulp were examined by storing fresh durian pulp was mixed with 2 % (w/w) salt and stored at 15 C 27 C and 40 C for 10 days Storage at 15 C did not affect the properties of the pulp much

Jun 10 2017Moisture ratio decreased and drying rate increased with increase in drying temperature drying velocity and decrease of fillet thickness (Guan et al 2013) The effect of drying methods (smoking kiln at 70-85 C and electric oven at 120 C) on nutritional properties of tilapia fish was evaluated and

Red pepper has been recognised as an excellent source of antioxidants being rich in ascorbic acid and other phytochemicals Drying conditions particularly temperature leads to pepper modifications that can cause quality degradation In this work the effects of process temperatures between 50 and 90C on physico-chemical properties rehydration colour

The effects of 4 drying conditions on qualities of dried wampee were evaluated Chosen drying conditions were hot air drying at 60∞C hot air drying at 45 ∞C vacuum drying at 45 ∞C and sun drying Experiment on drying process revealed that drying times of drying conditions stated to reach 14 % (wb) moisture content were 17 42

The dry blend mixtures were prepared using a mixer type Henschell FM4 fitted with temperature indicator mounted inside the mixing chamber An industrial pelletizer and blow molding machine were utilized for producing granules and bottles respectively 2 3 Rheological properties: The shear flow properties of polymers are

(ii) temperature and humidity of air (iii) energy content of steam and (iv) heat and mass transfer coefficients 2 1 Properties of air Atmospheric air is almost never dry and contai ns a certain amount of water vapour which depend on the temperature of the air and the amount of water vapour available Warm air

Physico-chemical properties such as moisture content water activity solubility water binding capacity (WBC) and color of the powder were determined The experimental results showed that as the temperature increased the moisture content water activity and WBC of the samples decreased However their solubility increased significantly (p0

Effect of log soaking and the temperature of peeling on

Full Article Effect of Log Soaking and the Temperature of Peeling on the Properties of Rotary-Cut Birch (Betula pendula Roth) Veneer Bonded with Phenol-Formaldehyde AdhesiveAnti Rohumaa a * Akio Yamamoto a Christopher G Hunt b Charles R Frihart b Mark Hughes a and Jaan Kers c Heating logs prior to peeling positively affects the surface properties of

Dec 15 2009Abstract Red pepper has been recognised as an excellent source of antioxidants being rich in ascorbic acid and other phytochemicals Drying conditions particularly temperature leads to pepper modifications that can cause quality degradation In this work the effects of process temperatures between 50 and 90 C on physico-chemical properties rehydration colour texture vitamin C antioxidant capacity and total phenolics during the drying of red pepper

Feb 01 2013Fig 1 shows that reductions in moisture content from the initial values observed after 7 h of drying at 40 C 50 C and 60 C were 12 9 5 1% 90 1 2 6% and 95 1 0 4% respectively Higher temperatures increased the drying rate consequently the highest moisture loss was observed at 60 C

This study assessed the effect of drying on smoked horse mackerel fillets during storage at room temperature Smoked horse mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) fillets were prepared by smoking brined horse mackerel fillets in a traditional improved kiln for 4 hours at 60 – 70 o C The fillets were later oven-dried at 65-70 o C for 0 2 4 6 and 8 hours spread on perforated trays and

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of dehydration conditions on the chemical physical and rehydration properties of instant whole beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L var Azufrado) using a 2 2 factorial design (air temperature: 25C and 30C air velocity: 0 5 m/s and 1 0 m/s) To determine the kinetic parameters the rehydration data were fitted to three