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Roof mounted 10000 liters solar hot water system for leather tannery partially supported UNIDO in Kanpur has been successfully installed Sun best also introduce many small dryers tent dryer and stainless steel multirack solar dryers for chili's turmeric and fish drying

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Industrial drying machine working principle: This machine USES hot air as the drying medium and wet materials to contact with each other so that the moisture content in the wet materials is diffused vaporization and evaporation remove moisture from the material so as to achieve the dry purpose Potato/ Garlic/ Chili/ Food Belt Dryer

AIM heat pump drying room performance characteristics: 1) easy installation: installation easy demolition covers an area of small can be installed in the room outside 2) energy efficient: just consume a small amount of electricity you can absorb a lot of heat in the air power consumption is only 1 / 3-1 / 4 heater with coal oil gas drying equipment phase Than can save about 75%

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Jun 01 2017Phungamngoen et al pre-treated cabbage before hot air drying vacuum drying (10 kPa) or low-pressure superheated steam drying (10 kPa) at 60 C Cabbage samples were pre-treated either by soaking in 0 5% (v/v) acetic acid for 5 min blanching in hot water for 4 min or blanching in saturated steam for 2 min

The multi-layer belt dryer is composed of multiple units and each unit is connected to each other so the hot air can flow in a wide range to improve the drying effect Structure The dryer is composed of a drying box an electric heating tube a conveyor belt a material equalizing device a heat preservation device a hot air input device etc

Cabinet dryer inlet Cabinet dryer outlet Ambient air Table 1 Experimental Results for Chili and Garlic Drying Type of Product Chili Garlic Description of Drying Test 1 Test 2* Test 1 Test 2 Condition of Drying - Air Flow Rate (kg/s) - Hot Water Flow Rate (kg/s) - Average Air Temperature in the Cabinet (oC) 1 00 1 00 50 4 1 00 1 00 44 9 1 00 0

1 Uniform drying effect--The chili keep moving on the belt during this process both side of the material can fully contact the hot air So that the drying effect can be uniform 2 Drying time--Our drying adopt to centrifugal fan with modelY4-73 the flow can achieve flow 54526 m3/hour the fully hot air greatly shorten the drying time it can drying chili pepper within 2-4hours

To dry in the sun hot dry breezy days are best A minimum temperature of 86F is needed with higher temperatures being better It takes several days to dry foods out-of-doors Because the weather is uncontrollable sun drying can be risky Also the high humidity in the South is a problem A humidity below 60 percent is best for sun drying

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Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer Introduction of Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer The red chili drying machine is a continuous production of drying equipment it uses multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt to achieve the material 's feeding transporting drying and discharging

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General hot air drying process material external heated surface drying heat transfer inwards the direction and water diffusion direction in the opposite direction affect the moisture to evaporate But microwave's an internal heating The part of high water content heat up faster So in the microwave drying process water migration speed from

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The another main advantages is the short drying time low drying temperature of industrial microwave dryer oven •Energy saving 30%-60% •Drying speed 50% quicker •Reduced CO2 emissions •Increased drying efficiency and yield •Drying temperature adjustable •Suitable for drying all agricultural foods

The solar cabinet dryer type has a surface of 10 m 2 and is capable of drying 20 to 35 kg of fresh produce (depending on commodity) over a period of 3 to 4 days Smaller portable models of the dryer can be constructed depending on available funds for the dryer construction and the purpose of drying (home consumption or marketing)