Pharm Res (2016) 33:1144–1160 DOI 10 1007/s11095-016-1860-1 RESEARCH PAPER Stabilization of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccines by Freeze Drying Spray Drying and Foam Drying Phillip M Lovalenti 1 Jeff Anderl 1 Luisa Yee 1 Van Nguyen 1 Behnaz Ghavami 1 Satoshi Ohtake 1 Atul Saxena 1 Thomas Voss 2 Vu Truong-Le 1 The aim of this work is to study the physico-chemical properties of dried tomatoes variety Rio grande using direct solar dryer (DSD) open-air sun drying (OASD) and microwave drying (MW) with three output powers density (1w/g 2w/g 3w/g) at different temperatures (57 67C)

Effect of Spray

The effects of spray-drying and freeze-drying on the bitterness hygroscopicity and antioxidant properties were compared The properties of different dried samples were compared using solubility hygroscopicity moisture content water activity flowability and glass transition temperature (iT/isubg/sub)

The effect of freeze- and spray-drying on physico-chemical characteristics phenolics compounds and antioxidant activity of papaya pulp was investigated The frozen pulp was freeze dried at - 62 C during 48 h Papaya pulp with 14% DE maltodextrin was also dried in a spray dryer The organic acids

This study assessed the effect of different heat treatments (Low pasteurized at 68C Flash pasteurized at 72C Boiled at 100C and Sterilized at 121C) on the quality of on four types of milk (cow camel sheep and goat) Raw milk samples were heated by difference types of heat treatments and physico-chemical characteristics were

Friends of the Earth Australia Friends of the Earth United States 59 Che Man Y B Irwandi J and Abdullah W J W (1999) Effect of Different Types of Maltodextrin and Drying Methods on Physico-Chemical and Sensory Properties of Encapsulated Durian Flavour Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 79 1075-1080

Freeze-dried foods can also be rehydrated very quickly unlike dehydrated foods Disadvantages The main disadvantage of freeze-dried foods is that they are quite expensive due to the specialized equipment needed for this process Freeze-dried foods also take up almost as much space as fresh foods while dehydrated foods take up less space


Apr 01 2011Effect of product temperature during primary drying on the long-term stability of lyophilized proteins Pharm Dev Tech 12:543-553 B Lueckel B Helk D Bodmer H Leuenberger 1998 Effects of formulation and process variables on the aggregation of freeze-dried interluekin-6 (IL-6) after lyophilization and on storage Pharm Dev Technol 3:337

Jan 29 2016Effect of Microencapsulation by Spray-Drying and Freeze-Drying Technique on the Antioxidant Properties of Blueberry Effect of different types of maltodextrin and drying methods on physico-chemical and sensory properties of encapsulated durian flavour J Sci Food Agric 1999 79 1075–1080

Since the moisture present in freeze dried products is upto 2-3% therefore these products can be stored for much longer period of time In case of freeze dried fruits and vegetables it can be stored upto 25 years and freeze dried meat and meat products can lasts for several months Simply dehydrated fruits and vegetables can last for atmost 15

effects of drying methods on the physico-chemical and organoleptic properties of the guava powder are limited and fragmentary Therefore the objec-tives of this study were to produce guava powders using freeze drying spray drying and tunnel drying methods and to evaluate the effects of drying on the quality characteristics of the fruit powders

The goal of this project was to study the effect of spray-drying on the functional properties of soy protein more specifically to optimize solubility by control of the drying conditions and the use of additives Two different raw materials were studied a commercial soy protein concentrate (SPC) and defatted soy flour (DSF)

May 22 2020This study aimed at increasing the stability of heat-labile and pH-sensitive microbial antioxidants by the microencapsulation Microbial antioxidants from Mucor circinelloides were microencapsulated The physico-chemical and powder flowing properties of resulting microcapsules were evaluated The initial safety studies were evaluated by in vivo acute oral

In the present study the effects of freezing thawing freeze-drying and reconstitution on the physico-chemical properties of Northwest variety strawberries with particular reference to textural characteristics were investigated Very little prior work is reported with regards to the effect of these factors on fruits

Oct 28 2014Spray drying is one of the most remarkable technologies currently to be applied to pharmaceuticals It is a continuous process that converts in a single step a liquid feed into a powder and is an ideal process when precise attributes such as particle size morphology and stability are required

Studies on Physico

Studies on Physico-Chemical and Pharmacokinetic Properties of Olanzapine through Nanosuspension In vitro cumulative release from the nanosuspension was 83 54% at 45 min when compared to pure drug 22 91% and freeze dried because of the vapour pressure effect[4] In addition the

Effect of oregano essential oil on microbiological and physico‐chemical attributes of minced meat stored in air and modified atmospheres P N Skandamis Agricultural University of Athens Department of Food Science and Technology Laboratory of Microbiology and Biotechnology of Foods Athens Greece

Tables index From Effect of Pasteurization Freeze-drying and Spray Drying on the Fat Globule and Lipid Profile of Human Milk A Cavazos-Garduo J C Serrano-Nio J R Sols-Pacheco J A Gutierrez-Padilla O Gonzlez-Reynoso H S Garca B R Aguilar-Uscanga

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of hot water treatment on physico-chemical properties of papaya (Carica papaya Sekaki ) during ripening The experiment was done by dipping the papaya twice in hot water that reached a temperature of 42C for 30 min and 49C for 20 min whilst the untreated papaya was considered as the control

Effect of air-drying temperature on physico-chemical powder properties and sorption characteristics of pumpkin powders Abstract This study examined the use of hot-air drying in the preparation of pumpkin powder The drying temperature was varied (50 60 and 70C) to determine the effect of temperature on physico-

Freeze drying During freeze drying we freeze the substances to a temperature around -40C The water parts will change in ice crystals then By sumblimate a process where you add a little hot steam only the ice evaporates and there will remain coffee grains Spray drying A more simple method of drying is spray drying

Oct 31 2009The fruits of Chakiya variety were used to prepare the powder by different techniques like freeze drying sun drying spray drying hot air drying and vacuum drying Powder yield varied with type of drying method as sun drying (10 11%) tunnel drying (8 78%) and vacuum drying (12 48%) spray drying (4 90%) and freeze drying (2 23%)

Effect of i) freeze drying and spray drying on the viability and functional properties of L fermentum ii)different cryoprotectants such as lactose maltodextrin skim milk sucrose during freeze drying of L fermentum iii)two different additives such as maltodextrin and skim milk in protecting the functional properties of L fermentum during

research was to study the effect of pasteurization freeze-drying and spray drying on some characteristics of human milk fat The fatty acid profile was analyzed by HPLC and gas chromatography Fat content globule size and distribution were measured The HPLC method for the analysis of fatty acids showed accuracy precision and