Nov 01 2017This study investigated the effect of different drying techniques namely room-temperature drying (RTD) solar drying (SD) heat-pump drying (HPD) hot-air drying (HAD) and freeze drying (FD) on bioactive components fatty acid composition and the volatile compound profile of robusta coffee beans This is why clothes dry more rapidly on a windy day Some other phenomena influence the drying process and a few elements are summarised below Dryness of air When air is the drying medium of food the drier the air the more rapid is the rate of drying Dry air is capable of absorbing and holding moisture

How Temperature and Humidity Affect Paint and Painting

Jul 10 2017How Temperature Affects Drying As temperature lowers the paint thickens The thicker the coating the longer it takes for the paint to oxidize in the case of oil-based paints In addition when a coating is thicker it extends the time it takes for the solvent to evaporate How Humidity Affects Drying

Influence of three different drying techniques on persimmon chips' characteristics: A comparison study among hot-air combined hot-air-microwave and vacuum-freeze drying techniques Author links open overlay panel Yangyang Jia a b Ibrahim Khalifa a b c Lanlan Hu a b Wei Zhu a b Jin Li a b Kaikai Li a b Chunmei Li a b

In the drying of grain in a deep bed whilst individual kernels may all be losing moisture at different rates the overall drying rate will remain constant for a long period The air absorbs moisture as it moves through the bed until it becomes effectively saturated and moves through the remaining layers of grain without effecting further drying

crop on raised drying beds using either bamboo mats or wire meshes and only 2 5% dry on cemented/bricks floors (Musebe et al 2007) Regardless of the importance of the crop poor post-harvest processing techniques largely contribute to the decline in coffee quality (Bayetta et al 1998 Behailu et al 2008)

Oct 01 2014Influence of the drying on the calculated microstructure with the BJH method: air- and oven-drying (a) F- and vacuum-drying (b) and solvent-exchange followed by vacuum-drying (c) The curves show the pore size distribution as a function of the pore diameter with V the volume of the pores and D the diameter

Influence of Different Drying Techniques on Phenolic

This study was to present the effect of different parameters of combined methods of drying such as vacuum-microwave (VMD: 480 120 W) hot air (CDD: 70 60 50 C) and combined methods as pre-drying by CD and finish drying by VMD (CD-VMD: 60 C + 480/120W) in order to avoid a rapid increase in temperature at the critical moisture content of ca 1 kg/kg dm (dry mass)

The effect of drying techniques on the antioxidant capacity flavonoids and phenolic content of fermented local cocoa bean Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics 47(1): 11-19 Boudraa S and Zidani M S Effects of different drying methods on phenols contents and antioxidant activity of azaroles (Crataegus azarolus L ) Annals

The present study investigated the effect of different drying methods on the drying kinetics and antioxidant activity of pink lotus flowers to identify the suitable drying models describe the dehydration as well as drying conditions giving minimum loss of antioxidant compounds and antioxidant properties of product

Sep 01 2015The influence of the drying process on the molar mass of chitosan was measured by viscometry which albeit not an absolute method is one of the techniques most commonly employed to determine the molar mass of polymers

The present study is an attempt to produce a free‐flowing powder from the date flesh using two different drying techniques (Sablani Shresta Bhandari 2008) Three commercially available date varieties were collected and put for spray drying and oven drying using a blend of anticaking agents in ratio of 1:1 and then the resultant

obtained by Montross et al (1999) for corn drying They reported that the dryer type has more influence than the drying air temperature on the stress-crack development or on the breakage susceptibility The dryeration process or combination drying consisting of high-temperature drying and aeration is an advantageous process since grains can be

For effective drying the air should be hot dry and moving The three factors are all inter - related and for optimum drying each one has to be correct The dryness of air is known as relative humidity (RH) (0-) Air with 0% RH is completely dry Air with RH i s completely saturated with water vapour

May 06 2019But we have yet to deal with different time scales These changes occur in a period of nanoseconds and we would like to see their influence over the typical lifetime of concrete structures " he explains Still this computational approach represents a new way to better understand the effects of drying in cement

The physical effects of blow drying on the hair structure

A: Well the effect blow drying has on the hair comes partly in combination with the effect of water on the hair structure To explain properly I need to relay the following: Water and heat both act to break the physical side bonds in the hair

effect of these drying techniques on plant product quality there a little information available on the effect of using microwave-oven drying in use Therefore this present study was conducted to investigate the effect of different drying techniques (thermal: microwave-oven drying and non-thermal:

Novaković et al (2011) investigated the influence of different drying treatments (convective drying (air-drying) osmotic drying and freeze-drying) on the antioxidant activity and phenol content of raspberries The results showed the superiority of freeze-drying convective drying caused slight changes whilst osmotic dehydration caused a

on a dry weight basis relative to particular drying treatments The drying treatments resulted in different percent DM values and therefore nitro gen soluble sugar and starch concentrations are partly influenced by DM variation However if the data for nitrogen and carbohydrate concentrations are recalculated on a fresh weight basis the

Oct 13 2017Three different drying rates (fast normal and slow) were used to achieve a weight loss of 42% and the amount of efflorescences as well as the chemical composition (moisture lactate creatine sodium potassium calcium and magnesium contents) along the sausage diameter were measured during 8 weeks of storage under modified atmosphere

drying at different durations Results indicate that among different methods of drying solar drying registered the maximum moisture loss (79 31 %) after 15 days of drying as compared to other methods Among different method tested the reduction in floral diameter was highest (55 97 %) in air drying as compared to other methods

Abstract: Pre-drying treatments are frequentlyemployed to preserve fruit quality The objective of this research was to monitor colour changes of banana during drying by laser backscattering and to determine the influence of the fruit discolouration on the light distribution into banana tissue Moreover to examine the influence of drying on

"The Influence of Different Drying Techniques on the Water Sorption Properties of Cement-based Materials " Cement and Concrete Research 64: 54–62 Vancouver 1 Snoeck D Velasco L Mignon A Van Vlierberghe S Dubruel P Lodewyckx P et al The influence of different drying techniques on the water sorption properties of cement-based